Some stuff about me.

Michal known as Michael.

Michal by the pool.

This page was initialy result of my experiments with chatGPT. Now it has it's own life.

About me.

Born in Poland when it was still a communist country. Educated to be a network engineer. I was lucky to start my professional career in the world of agencies and marketing. Not by giving up my technical focus, just adding a pinch of excitement as well as using the opportunity of a fast growing environment to learn how to manage others. I worked for clients from any industry you can think of. Literally.

A decade ago, I decided to follow the work and move abroad. Quite late for emigration, huh? No one said it will be easy ;)

Now, I can tell, I'm happy with the decision. I did some time in Germany, US and since 2017 I'm in Asia. The last one was a lucky shot. Markets are booming, countries are growing, engineering management is a highly demanded skill. But most importantly, people are real. Kind, not spoiled.

What I do.

I'm an independent technology consultant and seasoned agile development team leader with a knack for setting up Development Hubs in Southeast Asia. I've been in the startup game for a while and know the struggles and limitations that come with it. I'm all about marrying marketing needs with the latest tech.

My style and ultimate goal as engineering manager is making teams productive through a culture of trust. Build by endless learning and teaching, together. Doing it, we expose our vulnerabilities to each other. We become a team!

I'm obsessed with monitoring & metrics (for apps, not people), clean code and test driven approach. Agile? I've been part of the revolution! I'm truly agile a decade before it became a buzzword.

I'm a tech pro and proficient in AWS, GCP, Azure, AlibabaCloud, Docker, Kubernetes, various JavaScript frameworks, Python, Laravel/PHP, Go, Rust, GraphQL, and various databases (certified in many of those technologies). Also familiar with Objective-C, C++, Kotlin, BI tools, 3D modelling, WebGL, ThreeJS, and scalable architecture. My decades of experience in the development and creative industries have given me a broad range of skills and knowledge.

Off hours.

Free time? Beside taking care of my two sons, I'm a runner, biker, snowboard instructor, and I love hiking. When by the seaside, I'm a skipper taking care of the crew and my boat. Side result: I can be tough like a Captain, aye!

The Ace 2.0
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