The Why Behind This Page.

Unveiling the Story of This Website.

In my gig as Technology Consultant, I get to play tech matchmaker.

Think of it like this: I'm the Cupid of code, connecting the frontend to the backend, setting up databases, playing with testing frameworks, exploring the cloud, and crafting those sweet CI/CD pipelines. It's like a tech buffet, and I'm here to fill my plate with all the goodies – infra as a code, identity providers, you name it.

Now, you might be wondering, "Can you really have an unbiased opinion just as a Technology Manager without diving deep into each tech tool?" Well, let's be real, I can't taste every dish on the buffet, but I can definitely whip up a quick sample, right? But here's the twist – it's like cooking a single ingredient in isolation. Sure, it's a taste, but is it a full-on flavor explosion? Nah!

What I'm serving here is basically the "Hello World" page. But trust me, it's not your run-of-the-mill hello. This is the most extravagantly over-engineered "Hello, World" page you'll ever meet :)

Here are some of the ingidients:

  • GitHub for code repositories and GitHub Actions for CI/CD pipelines.
  • Terraform with Chef for infra deployment.
  • Docker. This Nuxt instance runs in docker on DigitalOcean Serverless App Platform.
  • Docker & Kubernetees. Analytics API is deployed as k8s service.
  • Digital Ocean for Spaces (S3 alternative) and App Serverless Platform.
  • AWS EKS (runs k8s).
  • GO used to code analytics API.
  • Express JS used do code CMS API.
  • MongoDB database tech to store CMS content and Analytics Events.
  • React with NextJS used to code and run Analytics Dashboard.
  • Mocha test framework for Node backend.
  • Svelte CMS Dashboard.
  • AWS EKS (runs k8s) for CMS API.
  • Vue with Nuxt, TailwindCSS and TailiwndUI: this frontend.
  • JEST JS testing framework.
  • OpenAI davinci model to help with copy (see about me page).
  • Cloudflare CDN for static content.

That's all? No, far from it, e.g. nothing about chatbot, authentication, Terraform Cloud, Cypress, ViteTest, Pinia, etc, etc. Plus tones of elements already removed from the stack.

Digital Ocean
GO Lang
Express JS
Mongo DB
Next JS
Tailwind UI
Open AI
The Ace 2.0
Michal's assistant eye