First things first.

About you. Not about me.

Coffe with me.
Photo by Tyler Nix.

I'm excited to see you visiting my simple Technology Consultant page. Surprising. Wow! In fact, it was not initially planned.

From a tiny seed to a towering tech tree, this project has grown beyond my expectations. Every interaction, every suggestion, every shared perspective has nourished its roots. Thank you for being a part of this journey, and for helping me build a space where tech exploration happens.

This page started as my sandbox for web dev adventures, but now I'm itching for fresh ideas. If you've got a tech topic bubbling in your brain, or a wild web design experiment you'd love to see unleashed, don't be shy! Hit me up with your suggestions – I'm all ears (and code). And hey, if you've got a killer guest post brewing, I'd be thrilled to host it here. Let's make this virtual playground a vibrant tech community, one byte at a time!

I'm glad you’re open to see stuff from someone else's perspective. Since you’re exploring my work, I'd like to connect with you.

Add me to your LinkedIn contacts (type a secret word in the invite: IKNOWYOU).

Let's have a coffee, it is on me, cookies included (real ones, the others I already left in your browser).

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