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AI or not AI?

When George Lucas was creating Star Wars robots, I'm sure he never imagined that we would have such sophisticated Artificial Intelligence in his lifetime. You say that this isn't true AI yet? Consider the implications of the term "Artificial" more carefully.

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Is "A" in AI solely related to the creation process?

In the context of AI, the "A" stands for "Artificial." Artificial Intelligence refers to the development of computer systems that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. The term was coined to signify that the intelligence displayed by these systems is not inherent but is created artificially by humans.

The term "Artificial Intelligence" doesn't imply that machines possess consciousness, self-awareness, or the ability to understand and experience the world in the same way humans do.

In fact "Artificial Intelligence" has the same hardware we know already know for decades, maybe just a bit faster. How it works is based on large data sets and sophisticated software to process it. There is no magic. It pretends to think while it is processing data as all other computers do.

It's crucial to recognise the distinction between artificial intelligence and human intelligence to set realistic expectations and avoid misconceptions about the capabilities of AI systems.


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