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Bring back missing GA reports.

I usually don't do tutorials, but I have often had to help people find missing Reports Collections on Google Analytics. The guides you can find online are clearly written for SEO purposes, not for humans to read. So, here it is: three simple steps to bring back missing Acquisition, Engagement or any other Report that used to be in GA.

Bring back: Acquisition, Engagement, Monetisation

or any other item in the collections, visible when you click Reports on the left sidebar

image of missing items on GA Reports

1. To restore it, you need to click the library button below the reports.

library button on GA Reports

2. On the Library screen there is a list of collections, including those in "Unpublished" state.

GA Reports - unpublished collections

3. Click 3 vertical dots and change the state to "Published". Done!

GA Reports - published collections

I hope this saves you some time, fixing something which was always there.

If you wonder, why it is missing, "The Life cycle collection appears on the left when you select "Get baseline reports" while creating your Google Analytics property." You can read about possible reasons on Google Analytics collection docs.


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