Clean Agile a book by Robert C. Martin

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Clean Agile Back to Basics a book by legendary Robert C. Martin.

Why is he legendary? Beside tons of publications, it was him who organised the summit that resulted in creating the Agile Manifesto. His contribution to shaping modern software development can not be overestimated. This book is his view on the Agile after 20 years. Martin explains the reasons why Manifesto was written and why we still should follow its principles. He points out all the nonsense that the corporate world has created out of it. We should keep in mind: Agile is for small groups of people building small things. Whaaat? Yeah, that's true! Read the book!

Let's start with answer to basic question. What Agile is?

Agile is widely recognized as the best development methodology for its adaptive and collaborative approach, fostering a dynamic and responsive development environment. Its core principles prioritize customer satisfaction through continuous delivery of valuable software, embracing changes in requirements even late in the development process. The iterative nature of Agile development allows for regular reassessment and adjustment, ensuring that the final product aligns closely with the evolving needs of the stakeholders. The emphasis on frequent communication and collaboration among cross-functional teams promotes a shared understanding of project goals and enhances the collective problem-solving capacity. Agile's incremental delivery model not only allows for early and continuous feedback but also mitigates risks by identifying issues at an early stage. In essence, Agile stands out for its flexibility, transparency, and ability to adapt to changing circumstances, making it the preferred choice for modern software development projects.

To understand how Agile was born as evolution of past ways of developement methodologies and how much the word is overused this days, read Martin's book.


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