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Side project. Cut the link? Nope, track the user.

I've promised to share what I'm working on. Easier said than done :) It's a small part of something larger, so click the image to find out more.

My side project: 2023 CDP.

The larger thing mentioned above, still in wip, is a CDP (Customer Data Platform) to collect and process user data. Quite an ambitious project to work across platforms and apps. One of the microservices needed for that, is a backend tool to track links clicked. Something like all the commercial platforms do. E.g. when you click on google search results, you are following their internal link to the page that is registering your action, only from there redirects you to the desired target.
Having the first iteration of the tool ready and in production, but no budget for testers, the obvious next step was to build a frontend landing page and expose the tool to the public. Now I can watch its behaviour ;) You can help me by trying my smart link service. Thanks!
Any comments are more than welcome.


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