My desk in 2023

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Desktop 2023: An Evolution of Two and a Half Years.

Two and a half years ago, I shared my initial desk setup on this site (yeah, first post), accompanied by a few thoughts on the significance of customising your workspace to fit your specific requirements. Since then, my desk has undergone a remarkable transformation, with each change serving as a testament to the power of continuous improvement.

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Small, thoughtful adjustments.

The desk is a reflection of my evolving needs and a testament to the idea that small, thoughtful adjustments can make a world of difference. It's a blend of function, aesthetics, and personal creativity, and I'm excited to share how it has become a space that both inspires and enhances productivity.

My current desk setup not only boasts the best components I could find but also features an immersive RGB ambient lighting system, meticulously crafted with an Arduino microcontroller and a custom 3D-printed casing, designed by yours truly.

If you're interested how the light controller works, here is a public version of my repo that evaluated into solution used in this setup. When other duties allow, I'll clean up and share publicly the final one (including screen tone colour grab for Mac).

Ambient light: ambient light with 3D printed housing

Here is the old one: my old desk


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