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Zero to Launch: My Wild Weekend Building a Digital Dynamo with AI Magic.

Ever found yourself in the midst of a debate that sparked the question: Can a lone entrepreneur armed solely with AI tools conjure and catapult a full-fledged digital product into the online cosmos over a single weekend, and to top it off, at absolutely no cost? Well, guess what? I dove headfirst into that conversation, and here's my resounding answer.

Hey fellow adventurers in the digital realm! πŸš€

Ever wondered if you could whip up a nifty digital product over the weekend with just your wits and some AI wizardry? Well, spoiler alert: I did it, and I'm here to spill the deets on how I birthed my proof,, into the virtual universe – almost all by AI!

The Lightbulb Moment πŸ’‘

So, it all started during a casual team share-a-thon of interesting reads. I pondered, "Do my buddies even bother clicking my links?" That's when the lightbulb flickered on – a link shortening service with tracing tools! Simple, sweet, and oh-so-useful. Challenge accepted!

AI to the Rescue πŸš€

First stop: Market research. Cue Chat-GPT, my digital sidekick, doing the heavy lifting. In just 30 minutes of sweet AI prompting, I not only got killer feature ideas but also a head start on my SEO game with a ready-made blog post. Talk about working smart, not hard!

Budget-Friendly Branding 🌐

I wanted to keep the cash drain at zero, so my only splurge was on a custom domain – for a pocket-friendly $3.50. Forget fancy domains; this was all about proving a point.

Tech Tango without the Price Tag πŸ’»

Time to build the beast! Database? Free tier from the NoSQL bigwig. Compute power? Courtesy of a major cloud player's free tier (yeah, it's possible to keep it free forever, but let's save that for another day). Frontend hosting? GitLab Pages, because free hosting for static sites is my kind of party.

As for the programming magic, I danced with JS and Typescript using Nuxt and ExpressJS. Frontend got a boost from Tailwind CSS and some public templates – because ain't nobody got time to reinvent the wheel.

Words, Wonders, and Whimsy πŸ“š

Copywriting? All thanks to OpenAI's Models, trained on my Google Docs with LlamaIndex. Titles, sentences, you name it – the AI wordsmith had it covered, and all on the free tier.

Art and Code: The Dynamic Duo πŸŽ¨πŸ’»

Illustrations from Midjourney, a sneaky $8 purchase (shh, don't tell). Code creation was a tag team effort between GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT, with AI churning out a whopping 85% of lines. Express routers and controllers needed a tweak for my sanity, but hey, it worked like a charm.

Pipeline Prowess πŸš€

CD pipelines? This part set up manually with GitLab CI/CD tools.

Time-Traveling Tech Prodigy ⏰

The clock was my witness – less than 16 hours (yes, I had a timer) spread over several Saturday mornings. It wasn't exactly one epic weekend, but hey, who's counting?

Behold, the Digital Dynamo! 🌐

Want proof? Feast your eyes on Does it check all the boxes for a complete digital product? You be the judge!

So, fellow trailblazers, can a lone wolf armed with AI tools conquer the digital frontier? My weekend escapade says, "Absolutely!" πŸš€

Article was initially published on my LinkedIn


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