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Is Tauri an Electron killer?

ElectronJS-powered applications are ubiquitous; Slack, Visual Studio Code, Figma, Discord, Postman and countless others. My teams have released several projects using this technology, and it certainly works - albeit with a few minor but irksome bumps along the way. Releasing a project with Electron as opposed to Chromium often required a few days of extra effort just to make it stable. Therefore, when Tauri began gaining traction, I decided to give it a shot.

My first experiences with Tauri

I was absolutely astounded to discover that I could compile my first Tauri OSX build, including a dmg package, in only 10 minutes from the time I first landed on their website! It was fast and stable too – truly remarkable.
The documentation was incredibly helpful; even as an 'old timer', I could comprehend it!
What's more, the bundle size was incredibly small; my entire app was compressed into just 4MB, instead of the hundreds of MBs required by Electron. I was equally impressed when I saw how easy it is to add Rust functions to a frontend project. This opens up the potential for significant speed enhancements.

All in all, it's evident that Electron may have met its match. For me, this is like a bullet whizzing through the air!


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