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Theory of the jobs to be done.

Why do so many intelligent people struggle to address the issues of formerly successful companies? W.E. Demming believed the key was to ask the correct questions at the appropriate time. C.M. Christensen's brilliant theory of 'disruptive innovation' explains that a product must "do the job" in order to be successful. This concept helps us better comprehend what our customers are truly looking for. Book will give you a wow moment on every other page. Not reading it may cause serious damage to your career. No matter what you do.

Be customer centric. Your product needs to do the "job".

In "The Jobs to Be Done Theory" by Clayton Christensen, the author delves into the intricate dynamics of business success and failure, particularly why some companies find themselves in perpetual struggle. Christensen's insightful exploration centers around the concept of understanding what customers truly seek—going beyond surface-level product features to identify the fundamental "jobs" that customers hire a product or service to perform in their lives. By dissecting these jobs, Christensen reveals a paradigm shift in approaching market needs. Companies that grasp the essence of the jobs their customers are trying to get done can align their offerings more effectively, innovating with a profound understanding of customer motivations. Through this lens, the book offers a strategic roadmap for businesses, emphasising the importance of customer-centricity and a nuanced comprehension of the real problems consumers aim to solve, ultimately paving the way for sustainable success in the ever-evolving landscape of business and innovation.


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