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Still using browser as "default browser"?

When managing multiple browsers on your device, it's advisable not to set a default browser. Instead, consider leveraging specialized apps that automate the process of opening links in your preferred browser. These apps can seamlessly handle link management or prompt you to choose the browser that suits your needs for each link.

Browser automation for easy web surfing.

Let's delve into a simple use case. I maintain two accounts on an error tracing tool—one for work and the other for my current personal project (which you're currently exploring). To manage these, I use both Chrome and Safari simultaneously. When I receive an email notification regarding an issue, I want a seamless experience where clicking the link directs me to the right account without any hassle. This is achievable by utilizing an application that works its magic in the background.

Fortunately, there's a variety of apps available today that offer this convenient feature. Personally, for Mac users, my top recommendation is Velja (about my previous choice - Finicky, you can read in this post). This tool allows for a user-friendly setup of rules, enabling you to effortlessly manage which browser opens your links.

Velja rules screenshot

Additionally, you have the option to set a 'prompt' as the default choice. This means that each time you click a link, a prompt will appear, allowing you to manually select the preferred browser.

Velja prompt screenshot

Notably, this app is not only stable but also conveniently available on the App Store, and surprisingly, it's free of charge. While it won't cost you a dime to enhance your browsing experience, I highly recommend considering a small donation to the app's author, Sindre Sorhus, as a token of appreciation for their valuable contribution.


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